North Lake Estate
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Cottage Vacation Rental on North Lake, Sunshine Coast BC
Map of the Sunshine Coast



map and directions to north lake estate

To reach North Lake Estate, board the Ferry at Horseshoe Bay and enjoy the scenic 40 minute ride to The Sunshine Coast.

Map of the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada

After docking in Langdale, it is an enchanting 26km drive along Highway 101 to the town of Sechelt. Continue along Highway 101, through Sechelt passing the communities of Halfmoon Bay and Madeira Park and Irvines Landing.

Map of North Lake, BC

Turn Right at Egmont Road (1km before Earl's Cove ferry terminal) and drive exactly 2.3km until you reach North Lake. At the fork do NOT bear right onto North Lake forest service road, but continue on up the hill on Egmont Road. Immediately look for 6030 which will be on your right.

Map of North Lake Estate and Skookumchuck Rapids

Interested in viewing the famous Skookumchuck Rapids? Continue down Egmont Road to the start of the Skookumchuck Trail. To reach the rapids, you will need to walk an easy 4km trail past Brown Lake.

Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park provides trails and viewing areas for visitors who wish to experience the awesome power of incredibly turbulent tidal rapids.The rapids are famous for their spectacular whirlpools and whitewater. There are opportunities to view tidal rapids, waterfowl and abundant marine life at various tidal levels.


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